Electrical Counter Now Can Supply Elnur Storage Heaters Of Great Versatility

It is fascinating how the increases and changes in technology can turn a system that seemed to have passed its heyday into a completely different and thriving system. The Elnur storage heaters systems are one of the most surprising elements in the distribution of energy used in the heating of household residences. Central Heating became just that, with a central boiler feeding a number of satellite radiators to supply heat throughout the house. Gas boilers became particularly cost effective due to the low price of gas compared to oil and electricity and bottled or tankered gases and the gas boilers have become very energy efficient units. Electrical Counter remembers when the storage radiator started as a pile of refractory bricks in a box which were heated by electrical heaters overnight and slowly released their heat as the cooled down. The system was effective to a certain level but temperature control and cost efficiency were limited.

The systems that Electrical Counter supply today have completely changed all this and the latest systems can be all singing and all dancing with a great temperature control and heat on demand. The heat input into the Elnur units which Electrical Counter supply is still carried out overnight to take care of using power in the low cost period that runs from about midnight until the early hours. The latest Elnur Heaters are excellently insulated with modern materials and heat losses from wastage are minimal. The control of heat release has now changed out of all proportion and the units are often fitted with the latest fan systems which control heat release but also allow a quick heat release. The days when a person comes home to a cold house and had to wait for hours to get warm have long since gone. The usage of a dynamic storage heater has now allowed the systems to be fitted to digital programmers so that the whole house can be warmed according to the demands of the users. This is a far cry from the system where the heaters were heated at night and slowly released the heat during the full day at a steady slow rate. The Electrical Counter systems encompass the whole house and the programming entails a full central heating system which can match the best gas heated systems without any of the waste gas products and flue problems associated with such units.

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